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 Welcome to Light and Joy.
How do you "Live in Light and Joy?"
The first step is to be open in receiving it.

Light and Joy is...
...Your place to find Inspiration.
...A place to share your Experiences
...A place to find supportive tools to:
Conquer your fears, Reduce stress, Find your passion, End addiction, and Love yourself.

Use Imagery together with Visualization and Meditation to help you achieve your goals.

I have used and am personally using 
Meditation Imagery/ Altered State Imagery with Visualization and Meditation as a Tool to reach my own goals in life.

I hope YOU will find Inspiration through my:


My Inspiration comes from the Energy and Beauty of God's Universe.

There are so many lessons to be learned if you just sit in silence, and observe what  nature has to offer.
There are so many rewards, if we can all learn to respect and pay attention to our environment.

"Open your eyes and heart...Open your mind"

Inspirational Photo Wild Azaleas

"The answers within us, lie in front of us. 
Though, we sometimes need help revealing them"
-Copyright by Lisa Marie Scozzari

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